At Auckland AutoClinic we can offer you a range of different service options for your vehicle, this includes our Standard, European and Full services as detailed below. Modern vehicles are heavily computer reliant so we have a range of diagnostic scan tools that are always kept updated with the newest software versions required to keep up with the servicing requirements on the latest model European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.

Standard Service

  • Road test
  • Oil and filter change
  • Air filter checked /cleaned
  • Spark plugs checked *
  • Coolant system checked and topped up
  • Brakes pads and rotors visually checked
  • Brake fluid tested and topped up
  • Check drive belts and report
  • Test battery condition and treat terminals
  • Clutch tested and topped up
  • Transmission fluid checked and topped up
  • Window washers checked and fluid refilled
  • Check wiper blades
  • Power steer fluid checked and topped up
  • Shock absorbers checked
  • CV joints checked
  • Steering and suspension components visually inspected
  • Lights checked
  • Cam belt data checked and report
  • Tyre condition checked and air pressure checked
  • Check warning messages on dashboard and report
  • Make sure your WOF and registration are up to date
  • Note and report on any leaks, faults or potential problems going forward

* Where accessible.

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European Service

As per the Standard Service: typical Euro vehicles like Audi and BMW through to Volkswagen and Volvo are more expensive for a standard service due to the higher cost of the specialised oil (usually fully synthetic) and oil filters required.

This service includes:

  • oil and filter change
  • air filter cleaned
  • spark plugs checked*
  • coolant checked and topped up
  • radiator pressure checked
  • brakes checked and fluid topped up
  • clutch and transmission checked and fluid topped up
  • window washers fluid topped up
  • all other under bonnet fluids topped up
  • We’ll check the brakes, shocks, CV joints, steering, suspension, lights, cam belt data, tyre pressure, and make sure your WOF and rego are current.
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Full Service

Includes everything from standard service plus:

  • Wurth engine flush done and then engine oil and filter replaced
  • Coolant system chemical flush and coolant replaced
  • Air filter changed
  • Fuel filter changed**
  • Spark plugs changed*
  • Air intake system cleaned,
  • Throttle body or carburettor cleaned
  • Wheels off service and adjust brakes
  • Park brake adjusted
  • Differential oil checked
  • Door hinges and joints lubricated
  • Wurth Fuel system cleaner added to fuel tank
  • Windscreen wiper blades replaced***
  • Sanitise air conditioning
  • Free express clean (wash and vacuum)

***Surcharge applies for “Euro” or “Aero” style blades

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Excellent service. I've been using these guys now for a number of years and have never had a problem. Always on time and very reasonable costs. I get both our family vehicles serviced here every 6 months and would recommend them fully.
G.A - Ponsonby