Oil Guide


All our oils are at least SL Grade for Petrol and CH-4 for diesel (these were the highest grades available until 2003) and represent very high technology.

All our oils are from a sweet crude base, which means they naturally have good qualities vs. using sour crude and additives to make up the grade. The difference is additives do not last long, and the oil stops doing its job properly increasing engine friction, decreasing economy and decreasing engine life. It can also cause sludge build up in engines which can block oil feeds and can cause engine failure. If you suspect a poor quality of oil has been used (imports are prone to this) we recommend an oil system flush prior to oil change. This costs around $75 and includes an oil detergent to help dissolve the sludge into the oil and clean the oil system, draining and replacing the oil with fresh oil to rinse flush and sludge out followed by the normal oil drain and filter replace procedure.

For badly sludged up engines we recommend flushing, then removing sump and feed lines and cleaning. We use high ash dispersant oil for 3,000km, and then continue with a standard oil change.

5W30 (or sometimes 10W30): This is a thinner, more energy efficient oil than average. Many manufactures (eg Mitsubishi, Ford) use this in new cars where the clearances within the engine are tight. This oil quickly lubricates and considerably reduces engine friction. Due to its light weight engine parts move quickly through the oil with low resistance – increasing fuel economy. It provides ultimate start up and cold running protection. We stock this oil and charge a $3 per litre surcharge.

10W40: This is a good premium grade oil for today’s engines. It provides a good level of protection and economy for most of todays’ engines with average clearances, and lasts a long time. It has excellent cold running and startup protection. The equivalent brands commonly purchased known are Shell Helix Ultra & Castrol Magnatec. We use this as standard oil for your ultimate engine protection.

15W50: This is a good oil for cars requiring a slightly heavier oil for adequate protection. It will protect engines well with lower clearances, such as those having done over 200,000km or with more engine wear. It will also reduce oil leakage as it’s slightly thicker and will not seep through seals and gaskets as easily. We use an SL Grade of 15w50 which is a very high quality.

We have many oils in stock including Mobil 1 0w40, Mobil 1 5w50, Pennzoil SL / CI-410w30 synthetic cleaning oil for the latest European diesel engine servicing and for gently cleaning up dirty petrol engines.

Always consult the car manufacturer for their recommendation for your vehicle considering current engine compression / wear / history / mileage.