Fuel Saving Advice

FUEL SAVING TIPS - as published in "The Good Oil"

  1. Tyre Pressure: This varies from car to car but one thing tyres all have in common is they slowly leak air or nitrogen. When the pressure drops - bad things happen - including increased fuel consumption.
  2. Brakes use fuel! Stop using them so much! It takes a lot of fuel to accelerate a car, so why waste it by slamming the brakes on shortly after accelerating? Predict 200m ahead instead of 20m ahead... Slow down early so you don’t need to brake so much. You'll be surprised how much further your tank of gas will go!
  3. Don’t warm your engine before driving. Instead of idling in the mornings, warm your engine by driving very gently until it reaches temperature. It will give you a head start on your journey rather than wasting fuel.
  4. Avoid short cold running trips. Stop start driving uses brakes more and you now know brakes use fuel! It’s also less efficient because of higher percentage of the time idling. Cold running causes the engines to gunk up causing power-robbing deposits to build up in your engine. These reduce your engines efficiency and fuel economy.
  5. Give your car an occasional blast! The power robbing deposits that form in your engine during cold and stop start driving, can partially be burned off again by a good blast. Try it on a clear motorway on-ramp. Accelerate at full or near full power and let the engine rev freely until it gets close to red-line. This momentarily uses a lot of fuel, but it can improve your overall fuel economy if you only do this once a month.
  6. Look after your car. A little bit of money spent servicing and tuning will save you fuel, breakdowns, and protect the value of your asset. While your car’s being serviced ask about our FREE FUEL ECONOMY CHECK - we'll test emissions and oxygen sensors and show you how your car could run even more efficiently.